Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation || Review

Anyone else ever get the fear when it comes to buying new foundation? Especially those that may come close to a days wage?! That’s all the fun of being a girl isn’t it?! The thrill of trial and error.


There is actually no greater disappointment than seeing rave reviews online about a particular foundation and splurging out to find that it doesn’t exactly look picture perfect on your skin.



Normally, I play it quite safe when it comes to my foundation; it’s drug-store all the way. Normally, I could only lust after those higher priced foundations but on a early morning visit to The Loop in Dublin airport, I lost all sense.

*Note* early morning flights may cause impulse buying. I blame to lack of sleep to be honest.

Anyway, on my totally innocent stroll through the make up counters, I was drawn in by the purple hue that is the Urban Decay counter. Seriously, it’s like stepping into a dream land; the colour, the prettiness, and of course I became victim to its beauty.

What broke me? The Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation. I had seen the online hype, read the reviews (the good and the not so) and even the fear of it not being suitable didn’t come into play. I mean, that packaging!!



Thankfully, it has been my best make up buy this year. So much so that I purchased another bottle on my trip. A girl always needs two foundations; one for tanned days and non-tan days. Don’t blame me, it’s the rule.

So, to why we are all here; the foundation.

The Urban Decay All Nighter promises to be:

Full Coverage

Matte Finish

Long Lasting

Full pigment


Paraben Free

Oil Free ( Helps absorb oil to reduce shine also)

Light Diffusing Formula

Does it deliver? Hell Yaaaas!

My Skin Type

My skin can be described as cominbation skin; I get the usual oily t-zone and dry/dehydrated skin from time to time. Luckily, I don’t really suffer from break-outs as much lately but I do have issues with redness on my skin.


If you like full coverage, then this foundation is 100% for you. Usually before applying my foundation I use green concealers for my redness but with this foundation it’s a step I can now bypass. The foundation immediately covers any redness on my skin.

I would say to people who like a more light coverage that this foundation could also work for you. A little goes a long way due to it’s creamy and smooth texture, which leaves you feeling like you have no make up on your face at all. There’s nothing worse than feeling caked in make up but this foundation gives the feel of your skin being able to breathe.


Only applied half a pump to show strength of coverage (Shade 2.0)

Finish & Durability

I feel these two really go hand in hand. You need to prep your skin to suit the finish of a foundation; this in turn will affect how long your make up will last.

The foundation has a matte finish but doesn’t look flat or dull on the skin. To make your skin glow, they’ve added in light reflecting pigments to give a lovely bright finish.

Before applying foundation it’s important to cleanse and mositurise the skin to ensure your foundation has a even base. I personally always apply a matte primer on my t-zone before applying the foundation to ensure that evening glow doesn’t set in. If you’re not into applying primers to your skin, I’ve found that adding powder to your finished look increases its staying power as well as using primers would.

In terms of durability, with the above steps, I’ve found this foundation second to none. I put it through its paces and wore it to a festival and my make up was still perfect at 2 in the morning when I finally got around to taking it off.


There is an excellent range of colours (24) in this collection so you are bound to find your perfect match. The colours I went for were shade 2.0 for everyday wear and 6.0 for when I’m wearing tan.

Shade 2.0

I’m still unsure about this shade for my skin colour. When applying it’s very pale but the foundation does oxidise on the skin after awhile so be careful if you’re testing for purchasing. I personally like a little bit of colour on my face to give that golden glow so when using this shade I mix a tiny bit of the shade 6.0 in to make the colour I want.

I know it’s a sin to use so much foundation but I’ve learnt my lesson. Next time I’ll go for the shade 2.5 or 3. I was wearing tan while purchasing so it wasn’t my wisest move!!



Shade 6.0

When wearing tan I love to go for a nice deep colour so this shade matches perfectly. One thing I would say is that it’s maybe a little bit too dark for wearing during the day if you like more of a natural look so maybe purchase a lighter shade (5.0 or 5.5) which you can build upon with bronzer etc for a night time look.


No filters applied, only natural light. (Shade 6.0)

Overall, I give this foundation 10/10. For years I searched for the perfect foundation and I’ve finally found it. Its smooth texture and luxurious feel makes me feel flawless. It’s this sort of foundation you buy for good wear and then end up reaching for everyday. Sorry bank balance!

You can buy the Urban Decay All Nighter foundation online on Debenhams and on all Urban Decay counters.

Have you tried the All Nighter foundation? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Love, Laura X


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