To Blog Or Not?

To Blog Or Not?

Happy Monday!! No your eyes don’t deceive you, this is in fact a blog post! It’s been a long 8 months!!

The content of this blog post is a conversation I’ve had in my own head and with those closest to me for the past two years; to blog or not?

It’s funny because even though I’ve bounced this question around my head for that long, now that I sit down to put it out there, I don’t know what to say or how to put it. Do I even want to put myself out there in this way, is it better to stick to fashion/beauty posts and ignore everything happening around me?

The complexity of the blogging industry and the negative air around it right now is crippling. That’s how I see it, that’s how I feel.

I originally started blogging at the start of 2016 after finally getting the courage to create my own site and social media channels.

At the time I thought it was the hardest step. I was wrong.

As I tried to grow my blog and content I became so conscious about how I was being received or what people might have thought of me. I had a small following, my blog wasn’t big by any means and I never thought of myself as anything other than me. At times, I wondered why people even bothered to follow what I was putting out there.

I think the hardest part of it all was that fear. Scared of what other people were thinking, especially those who knew me. Why was I doing it? What was my end game? It’s never been my aim but what would people think if I ever ended up working with a brand? Fear is powerful thing.

One day it all became too much and that was it. I deleted my site and all social media pages. Countless hours on blog posts and money spent building my site wasted just like that.

Did it make me feel any better? It did, for awhile. Then regret started to filter in, all the what ifs!

When I first started blogging I was going through a hard time. After years in college and finally qualifying as a secondary school teacher, job prospects were at an all time low. Blogging was an escape and a weight on my bank account but it kept me going to share my love for beauty and fashion with whoever wanted to listen.

It may not be everyone’s cup of tea or maybe you see its importance way down the line of life’s priorities but I love it. I love sharing and being part of that online community.

In July 2017 I decided to take that step again, to create a new site and start my social media pages again. This time I was extremely positive about it all and in a short space of time I actually was recognised by a few brands. Admittedly, it’s a nice little buzz; knowing that what you’re putting out there is being acknowledged. However, that fear began to creep in again. Would people see me as genuine if I talked about a product I was gifted, given what was happening with big bloggers in the industry?

With the toxic nature of things happening in the industry over the last few months I took a step back and it wasn’t until I read a piece by Erica Fox recently on how she works with brands that I realised there’s still a glimmer of hope and positivity left which can be built on.

Bloggers like Erica and another gem, Niamh O’Sullivan, for me are what blogging is all about. They’re leading the way, in the most authentic and genuine way possible. Just check out their sites if you haven’t already, there’s so much hard work and passion there.

So why not? Why not keep going?

I guess its all about going back to basics and carving out a new path. I don’t care where the blogging industry is heading, all I care about is what I can do with my little corner of the internet. I adore writing posts and I love that my blog gives me a platform to share my views with like minded people.

It’s that simple.

Life is so tough at times for everyone so just focus on what you want to do and what makes you happy (CHEESE OVERLOAD).

Maybe this post will be boring for a lot of you but I just want you to know that anything that I talk or write about will always be something I genuinely love. I will only ever speak with my voice about things I have real opinions on.

And just to let you know, outfit pics TERRIFY me!! How do people do this on a daily basis?! haha

Normal posts will resume shortly!!

Thanks for reading,

Love, Laura X




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