The Weekly Catch Up || 25.07.19

The Weekly Catch Up || 25.07.19

Back with another weekly catch up where I’m talking about a trip to Kilkenny, skincare, what’s caught my attention on Netflix and much more.


This week..


Mount Juliet

Last Saturday we took a trip to Kilkenny to celebrate our 5th Anniversary. We stayed in Hunters Yard on the Mount Juliet Estate  and it was absolutely stunning. It’s definitely a treat your self spot and it’s perfect to celebrate any milestones. We had the most enjoyable and relaxing stay. Anywhere that has heated floors is a winner!! I will have a full blog post about our trip soon.


What I Wore

I bought this dress back in June and I couldn’t wait to wear it. It’s simple yet dressy and the material is super comfortable. The best part? It was only €35 on ASOS. (Current offer: “ASOSSALEGRAB” for an extra 15% off & don’t forget to change to sterling for more off!!) You could easy dress this down with a pair of runners for a more relaxed look. I cannot wait to wear it again. The love for yellow continues.


Skin Love 

If you have been following my blog for awhile now you might know that I’m skincare obsessed!! It is without a doubt where all my money goes. For the last few months I’ve been using Pestle & Mortar  and my skin has never felt so cared for. I first tested out the brand by buying their Ultimate Hydration Kit and instantly fell in love. Their Hydraulic Acid Serum and Cleansing Balm are my favourite products right now. I’m on my second bottle of the serum and I’ll definitely be repurchasing their Cleansing balm. Other products currently in my routine are Kinvara Cleansing Oil, Pestle & Mortar Moisturiser,  UltraPure Labs Rose Water and the newly added Skin Veg from Skingredients.


Trying To

Use less heat on my hair. Admittedly,  I use heat on my hair every single day!! Now that my hair is short and completely healthy I’m banning myself from using heat everyday to keep it as fresh and strong. French braids for the win!!


Mad Men

This week I finished watching Mad Men and I’m actually so sad I’m all caught up. It was a shaky start and I’ll admit it took a good season to actually get hooked. The only thing that kept me going was its reputation and I’m glad I stuck it out in the end. It’s storyline is different to anything I’ve watched before; there’s not much of those jaw moments, it just simmers quietly along with some laughs along the way. What really makes it are the characters and their evolution over the lifetime of the series. It’s an interesting watch. Next up is Line of Duty.


Listening To

Billie Ellish with Justin Bieber Bad Guy. Who knew that song could get any better?


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