The Weekly Catch Up || 1.08.19

The Weekly Catch Up || 1.08.19

Happy August!!

This week’s round up is here with some Lion King love, exercise inspiration and fashion buys.

This Week…


Love Island

This weekly catch up wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Love Island. Although this year fell a bit flat overall, social media memes upped their game. I’ll miss the twitter hashtag so much, it gave me all the laughs!


Lion King

One of last weekend’s activities was a trip to the cinema Sunday evening for the Lion King. It’s gotten mixed reviews and it did take a few minutes to get used to it but once you got into the movie you couldn’t help but enjoy it, it’s the Lion King after all! Seth Rogen as Pumbaa and Billy Eichner as Timon was excellent casting!


Old Rail Trail

Over the last 2 weeks I’ve been focusing on being more active and I finally took advantage of the weather last weekend to get out for a walk. The old rail trail runs from Athlone to Mullingar with 15 entry points along the trail. It’s the perfect walking spot away from all the noise.


Lose Belly Fat App

This app is absolutely brilliant and actually enjoyable to do. With a 30 day cycle for losing belly fat, intermediate fitness and advanced fitness its perfect for a range of fitness levels. The exercises are short and sweet (less than 15 mins each), and they really help you work on the areas you must want to improve. I found another one on Tuesday and I’ll report back when I use it more.


Dripping Gold Tan   

Tanning is definitely the most asked question in my DMs. Over the years I tried them all and for me, NOTHING beats Dripping Gold Tan. There’s not one thing I don’t like about their tan. I love how it’s applies, how quick it develops and the colour payoff. I recently ran out and had to use another tan and it basically all washed off the morning after. I made sure to make use of their 25% off this week to stock up! 


Makeup Saviour

If you struggle with making your make up last all day, I’ve got the best product to help! For the last 4 months I’ve been using Moogoo’s Blemish Cleansing Moisturiser and while it’s been quite good for keeping breakouts at bay, it’s AMAZING for helping the longevity of your foundation as with continous use it’s helps control excess oil on the skin.


Shop It

Anyone ever go on the Zara website and buy nothing? What does that feel like?! I added two pieces to my wardrobe this week and I’ll be by the door until they come. 😍


Satin Puff Sleeve || White Polka Dot


The Feel Good Collective

If you’re looking for comfort on Instagram, The Feel Good Collective is the perfect page for you. Run and owned by Tara, the Feel Good Collective retail products to help people with deal with their mental health.

Through her products and content, Tara inspires, calms, comforts and helps you to come to terms with any difficulties you may be facing. Tara is also so open about her own journey and giving to those who follow her page.

I visit her page everyday and it always gives you the feeling that you’re never alone. Her page manages to normalise mental health in the most helpful way.


Week Feels

Wisdom from Marissa Carter


Laura x


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