My Invisalign Journey || The Truth About Invisalign; 6 Months On.

My Invisalign Journey || The Truth About Invisalign; 6 Months On.

Hey Everyone,

I can’t believe I’m already writing my 6 month check in. Or maybe I can. I won’t lie and say time is flying by because it’s not. But there’s progress being made in my journey to straight teeth and I couldn’t be happier with my results so far.

I’m now on set 14 out of 33 and I’ve started to notice a change in my teeth this month, which I’m so excited about!!

So what have I learnt about Invisalign in the last 6 months?

Pain will strike when you least expect it and you need patience. Lots and lots of patience!!

Along with some other things..

You’ll have a few sleepless nights, but it’ll get better.

You’ll dream of a time you ate and drank freely and there’ll be times where you’d rather starve than face the pain of taking your aligners out.

Although, you’ll adore how they cut down your snacking time. That is until you become extremely hangry at the most inconvenient time. Pulling out aligners in public is not a good look.

However, you’ll get better. Just keep your head down and avoid all eye contact. For everyone’s sake, there’s no graceful way.

You’ll start to get used to it. Eat? Easy! Eat out? Easy! Snack time? Easy peasy, unfortunately.

You’ll drink more water for the first few months, because that’s all you can do, that too will wear off.

You’ll be tempted at times to eat and not brush your teeth before putting your aligners back in. DON’T!

You’ll always feel like you’ve only a few months left, until you’ve only a few months left, you’ve only a few months left. Patience is a virtue.

You’ll become more confident with your existing smile. Invisalign make your teeth look that bit better and nobody really notices them until you point them out.

You’ll nearly always have lipstick on your aligners. No I haven’t managed to figure that one out just yet!

You’ll love how convenient there are. Most of my check ups last less than 15 mins and are 8 weeks apart in most cases.

And finally

You’ll realise it’s all worth it, a love hate battle worth putting up with. As far as moving your teeth goes, I can’t imagine an easier way.

Day One v The Month 6

Apologies for this extreme close up, I’m aware it’s not the prettiest of sights but it’s amazing to see the difference in my top teeth already. I absolutely hated my teeth before but I didn’t even realise just how bad they were until now. So excited to see the end result now!!

If you’re thinking about Invisalign I’ve also talked about the process and how I survived my first week.

If you’ve any questions around Invisalign I’d love to help! Pop them below or you can contact me on my social media channels.

Love, Laura


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