My Invisalign Journey || 7 Tips To Help You Survive Those First 7 Days

It’s day 5 (8.20pm) and I currently have my aligners out to enjoy my first cup of tea of the day. Yes, first of the day!! It’s probably the most heartbreaking change to my daily routine.

After getting my alingers fitted, day 1 was a carefree breeze but things quickly went downhill from there. As you can imagine, the first few days are tough and everything is painful. I mean everything!!

But luckily these tips did ease the pain and help me adjust to having Invisalign.

Tip 1: Apply Sensodyne to your alingers after you wash your teeth for the night.

Morning is definitely the worst time for pain and I found my teeth were incredibly sensitive. Applying Sensodyne to my aligners before going to sleep made such a difference and my teeth were less sensitive the next morning and when taking off my aligners to eat throughout the day.

That’s another thing; meal time. Meal time was another painful experience. I actually kind of dreaded meal times as taking the aligners in and out was so sore.  My teeth had just settled down and I was going to disturb them all over again.

I think this is due to position of my top teeth however. Taking out the aligners (which should be popped off the back first) would lead to pressure on my teeth at the front. My bottom teeth are quite straight so taking the aligners off wasn’t even half as bad.

After you eat, you’re also advised to wash you teeth before reinserting your aligners so between effort and pain it was definitely much better to leave my aligners put for most of the day.

Plus side? 3 meals a day, no snacks! Ever hear of the Invisalign diet?

Although all of that has been very focused on how to avoid pain, I will say it’s definitely not as bad as you think. I even ate out on my 3rd day. It’s a bit of a hassle, I won’t lie, but I’m sure it’s something I’ll get used to. Either that or it’ll be a way of saving a lot of money 😂

Tip 2: Make yourself a kit to have on the go. 

The following are a must:

  • Travel Toothbrush & Toothpaste
  • Dental Wax (Dentek is the best)
  • Medijel
  • Floss
  • Lipbalm
  • Hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes too! Keep those containers as hygienic as possible.

Tip 3: Dental Wax

You can forget whoever you call your best friend for the minute; dental wax is your best friend now and will be for the foreseeable future. The edges of your aligners can be sharp in places and dental wax makes that pain go away immediately.

I didn’t have dental wax at first and my aligners cut my mouth in several places. I also found that each day was different and they would hurt me in places they didn’t before. Always have dental wax to hand; you’re never safe!!

Tip 4: Lip Balm

Your lips will get dry and you may get cuts. Lip balm 24/7 is a must and Medijel is great for both numbing cuts inside the mouth and on the lips.

Things start to get easier from days 4-7. You get used to taking your alingers in and out and you stop being hungry ALL THE TIME!!

Tip 5: Buy the softest toothbrush you can find.

I was given a curaprox ultra soft 5460 by my dentist and it’s been a god-send. Washing teeth gets a little tricker as the gums start to get a little sore. Medijel will help to ease the pain here too.

Tip 6: Time yourself using your stopwatch on your phone.

One thing I never thought about was the cleaning time around each meal and night-time cleaning.

Optimal wearing of the aligners is set at 22 hours, which is ALOT of time. 2 hours of eating and cleaning; sounds like loads of time right? Think again. If you ever want time to pass quickly, take out your aligners.

Of course there will be times when 22 hours just isn’t possible but timing yourself will allow you to keep to the suggested schedule as much as possible.

It took me 15 mins in the first week to do my last wash of the day. That’s washing teeth, flossing, washing my aligners, drying and applying fresh wax. I know, I couldn’t believe it either.

The wax does last a day if your careful when taking your alingers out. Which I would advise, as it’s time consuming.

Tip 7: Always have a bottle of water.

The aligners can make your mouth quite dry. The plus side? You find yourself drinking a lot more water.

And lastly…

This one isn’t a tip, more of a warning to my fellow females. Get used to having lipstick on your aligners all the time!! I’m yet to find a solution on that but I’ll keep you posted!

Anyone else going through the Invisalign treatment right now?

Love, Laura X


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