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I dunno about you gals but for me, Cocoa Brown is the holy grail of tan. Maybe it’s the way creator Marissa Carter has brought us along on the journey but I’m just super fond of it.

Life before Cocoa Brown was Sally Hansen all the way. I wouldn’t dare try to do my own tan, the lack of confidence I had was appalling. But to be fair, just a mere 5 years ago or so, we were all still pretty clueless when it came to tan.

Fast forward to today; we’re as savvy as they come and I genuinely think Cocoa Brown has bestowed that confidence upon us. With her ground breaking 1 hour mousse, quick and easy to apply, Marissa saved us one bottle at a time.

For a solid 4 years, Cocoa Brown was my go to tan but with new self tanners flooding the Irish market in the last year I won’t lie, I tried (and loved) a few. I think Irish tanning brands are really stepping it up and it’s so important to support.

However, Cocoa Brown is just special! Does anyone else feel like that? It’s the OG! And with it’s tiny little revamp and steady release of new products here and there, I’d like to think its time is coming around again.

My Cocoa Brown Trio


Cocoa Brown Gradual Tanner

Available on Meaghers Pharmacy 


I’m starting off with this one because it is, without a doubt, my favourite tanning product ever! I can’t remember the last time I didn’t have a bottle of this.

No matter what tan I use this is the only tan I will use on my hands and feet and it works a treat every time. I apply with my Cocoa Brown Flat Head brush and I always have flawless results.

It also stands great alone. It’s just perfect for those days where you can’t face putting on tan or can’t bare the feeling of it on your skin. When I say this formula dries in seconds, it really does. Throw it on and I guarantee you’ll forget you even have anything on your skin.



Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Original Shade Mousse (Travel Size)

Available in Penneys & Cloud 10 Beauty


Yep, travel size!! Marissa wins again!!

I’m sure this is a tan people have seen reviewed over and over but I had to include this bottle because it’s just the cutest!

The original shade will always be my favourite, it gives you the perfect healthy glow. Correct me if I’m wrong but has the formula slightly changed on this one?! It’s even more fabulous!!


Cocoa Brown Fresh Start Self Tan Eraser

Available in Penneys & Cloud 10 Beauty


Again, the market has been flooded by tan erasers but for me Cocoa Brown leads the way.

I’ve used two other tan erasers and while one stung my skin, the other was a dream. The only difference between that and Cocoa Brown? The price.

For me. Cocoa Brown was an equal and half the price! Win!

Aren’t these tan erasers just a gift though? How did we ever cope without them? 10 mins on the skin, exfoliate and you’re done! Tanning was never so simple.

What’s your opinions on Cocoa Brown? Do you think it’s having its day again or have you found a new love?

Love, Laura x


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