A week in Playa Blanca Lanzarote || Travel

A week in Playa Blanca Lanzarote || Travel

With Halloween having come and gone and Christmas stock starting to fill the shops, sunny days by the pool might feel a world away.

Who could blame you if you’re thinking of banishing those winter blues by planning next year’s holiday?!

I’m certainly dying to plan my next trip already. Nothing quite stirs up the wanderlust like being 36,000ft on your flight back home looking onto the ocean!

When booking holidays or breaks away we normally do all the booking ourselves but for this break due to convenience and a huge price difference we went through Click & Go.

We got our flights, apartment and bus transfers for just over the €1600 mark, with our flights driving up the price at €1000 for 2 adults. Luckily, on the flip side, we got an excellent deal on our accommodation.

For our trip to Lanzarote, we chose to stay in the THB Topical Island in Playa Blanca.

As part of our deal we were booked into the premium apartments and were self catering.


The THB Topical Island is less than a 10 min walk into the centre of Playa Blanca. If you want to grab a taxi at night time it will cost you less than €3!


The complex has a number of its own restaurants, a supermarket, pub, two pool side bars and an impressive 16 pools.

Main Pool

Premium Pool

Premium Apartments


Rent out a key for the back door of the complex; it’s a €10, fully refundable deposit and will take a good 10 mins or more off your walk into the town.

If you’re a couple or have children over the age of 18, go premium. You get access to a premium area with a pool bar, comfortable beds and a quieter pool. Even for October, the main pools were still quite busy and noisy. The premium area was so relaxing!!

If you’re a couple or a small family I’d strongly consider self catering. The food in the complex was average at best. We ate dinner in the restaurant for our first night and the food was very poor.

We also ate one breakfast and lunch in the restaurant over the week and due to the type of food served it was slightly better. Breakfast is probably it’s strongest meal and excellent value.

Breakfast: €6.50 pp
Lunch: €13.00 pp
Dinner: €16.00 pp


Throughout the trip there was one stand out meal and is only restaurant I feel 100% comfortable in recommending; Lani’s Steak House and Grill.

Thankfully we found this restaurant after doing a cliff walk along the coastline from Las Coloradas back to Playa Blanca and went there for our last meal. Talk about saving the best for last.

Located in the Marina Rubicon, a 5 min taxi drive from THB Topical Island, the restaurant is situated right on the waterfront in the beautiful and scenic marina. Between the outdoor seating, staff and quality of the food, it was miles ahead of anywhere we had eaten all week.

We ate relatively early on a Friday night and so had no real trouble getting a table but by the time we were midway through our meal, there was a lengthy queue of people waiting for a table. I would recommend you book a table in advance to avoid a wait, especially in summer!

There are many restaurants along the promenade in Playa Blanca itself to choose from that are perfectly fine but there is that element of typical resort quality food. Two other restaurants that deserve a mention are Mama and Imagine India.


Now, where to next?!

Laura X


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