James Read Enhance Wash Off Tan || Review

James Read Enhance Wash Off Tan || Review

My newest love; James Read Enhance Wash Off Tan.

As much as I love my tan, developing tans requires a certain amount of effort I just don’t want to go through at times. Then you have those last minute plans that crop up when you’re as white as a ghost; everyone knows outfits look better with a tan so I always have my stock of instant tan ready to go when needed.



I’m already a massive fan of the James Read Gradual Face tan so when I came across their instant tan in Mullingar Pharmacy with 20% off, it would have been rude not to try it.


Instant tan

Suits all skin types

Creamy liquid

Water resistant

Flawless cover

No transfer on clothes

Perfect for topping up or filling in tan lines




I love this tan!! It’s honestly one of the best instant tans I’ve tried. It gives you a lovely golden glow and when they say it won’t budge, it won’t BUDGE!! Not a single bit of transfer onto my clothes.

It also wore off the hands evenly; it’s inevitable that instant tan will come off your hands after washing them several times but unlike other tans it isn’t noticeable.


Shimmer with flash


Like any other tan, you’ll need to prep the skin first. (exfoliate and moisturise elbows etc)

Work the tan into you skin quickly. As you can see above it’s quite pigmentated and can stain slightly if left untouched for too long.

Add in some moisturiser for more of a natural look.

Use make up brush to apply to hands to ensure even application.


Just €16!!

It’s available on Cloud 10 Beauty.

Love, Laura X


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