Why I’ve Banned Micellar Water From My Skincare || Bulgaria Cleansing Milk & Rose Water Review

Why I’ve Banned Micellar Water From My Skincare || Bulgaria Cleansing Milk & Rose Water Review

For the past few years micellar water has been my god; I swore by it. I used it twice a day as part of my skincare routine, which you can read here, as my double cleanse product. Looking back, I’m horrified!

I used to clean my skin with my Kinvara Absolute Cleansing Oil and then wipe my skin with micellar water, delighted with myself that no make up came off on the pad. Taking make up off was a dream; quick and painless.

But I’ve come to realise the dream was fake. After years of acne which completely cleared up thanks to the Kinvara Oil, I was still subject to the odd break out, who isn’t? But I was still curious as to why, when I religiously cleaned my face and ensure all my make up was off.

Yoghurt of Bulgaria Cleansing Milk and Rose of Bulgaria Rose Water have been two products I’ve seen a lot of lately, with people raving about how they’re excellent for clearing up your skin.

I would say I don’t normally give into the hype of things but 9 times out of 10 I do 😂 But when I seen that these products were natural there was no chance I wouldn’t give them a go. I’m obsessed with natural skincare and I also needed to add a toner into the mix.

Yoghurt of Bulgaria Cleansing Milk

Formulated using living bacterial cells of lactobacillus and damask rose oil, this cleanser promises to be delicate and nurshing on the skin.

Why is it so good?

Lactobacillus; a living bacteria that removes toxins that cause aging in the skin. Even better? It stimulates collagen and elastin in the skin. Cleanser and anti aging product all in one!

Damask Rose Oil; antiseptic and antioxidant ingredient that helps to heal the skin.

My results

After removing my make up with my Kinvara Oil I was shocked at the amount make up that was still on my skin when I wiped it with the cleaning milk. It just goes to show the amount of dirt I was leaving behind in my pores when just using micellar water.

In terms of my skins condition, the results are very noticeable. My skin looks so fresh, clean and has a lovely glow. My skin also looks and feels more hydrated.

Rose of Bulgaria Rose Water 

Formulated with natural rose water and packed with antioxidants, this rose water promises to cleanse, tone and mositurise the skin while providing anti-inflammatory assistance to the skin.

Why is it so good? 

To me this is a miracle in a bottle. It is anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, hydrating, soothing, helps maintain PH balance, contains rejuvenating ingredients and it’s great for irritated skin, dermatitis, eczema and acne.

Manage to keep up? That’s a lot of goodness!

Anti-inflammatory; provides soothing properties that help calm down irritated skin.

Antioxidants; provides anti aging properties by improve the health of your skin.

My results

I’m so glad I’ve added this rose water to my skincare routine. My skin can be quite sensitive at times, especially after rubbing off make up, and this rose water really helps to soothe and cool my skin. I’ve really noticed the moisture it provides to the skin as it hasn’t been tight since I’ve started using it.

One tip I’ve picked up when using this product is to dab it on to the skin instead of rubbing it around the skin. It allows the skin to absorb more of the product.

I purchased my products from Biofresh Skincare although it has been brought to my attention that you can purchase these products from Cosmetics Bulgaria also.

I can recommend buying for this site for anyone interested as I have recently repurchased these products along with two creams. With the cost of the 4 products along with €15 shipping cost I got better value for my money.

I found their service to be excellent. Shipping took 6 days and you can track it the whole way.

Have you tried any of these products? I’d love to hear how you got on with them.

Love, Laura x



  1. Ash
    November 28, 2018 / 12:30 pm

    Hey Laura, just found this post whilst researching Yoghurt of Bulgaria. Would you still recommend this brand? And this site for delivery to Ireland? 🙂

    • Laura Cooney
      December 16, 2018 / 7:12 pm

      Hey Ash,

      Yeah I cannot recommend them enough. Amazing if you love natural skincare and feel so nice on the skin.

      The site is a dream to buy from and the team are super friendly and always on hand to answer any questions.

      Laura x

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