Blush Make Up Mineral Liquid Powder Foundation || Review

Blush Make Up Mineral Liquid Powder Foundation || Review

As you may have already seen, last week I done a small first impressions post on Blush Make Up Mineral Liquid Foundation and their sample pack, which you can read HERE, so now is time for the full review.

Lets take a little recap; Blush Make Up is an Irish brand who specialise in providing quality make up, that’s also good for your skin.

If the Mineral Liquid Foundation is new to you, just wait until you see how good it is for your skin!


Vitamin A: Promotes cell production, leading to firm and healthy skin.

Vitamin E: Speeds up cell regeneration which helps reduce wrinkles.

Vitamin C: Antioxidant

Zinc: Helps to treat acne and prevent aging of the skin.

Sodium, Magnesium and Chloride: Helps to retain water to hydrate the skin.

SPF 15

Does not Contain: 







You know, all the nasty stuff!!


There are four shades in the range; Ivory, Cashmere, Pale Almond and Toasted Almond.


It’s amazing!! It is without a doubt one of the best foundations I’ve ever used.

Its smell: GORGEOUS, its texture: LIGHTWEIGHT , its coverage: INCREDIBLE and its finish.. my god its finish.. SILK.. silky smooth skin!

Shade: Toasted Almond 


For my base I found a matte primer best for setting the foundation, for those who like a more dewy glow I wouldn’t use a matte primer as the powder in the foundation is quite strong and does the job!

For those with combination and oily skin I would add a small bit of setting powder after application to your problem areas as after a few hours the foundation does go a bit glowy on the skin. I personally liked how it make my skin look (it didn’t look oily or shiny) but for those who don’t like any attention on their problem areas this step is for you!

Lastly, you need to work quickly if working with cream based products such a contour, highlight or blush. As the foundation contains powder, it sets quiet quickly on the skin so I would apply cream based products straight away to ensure you can achieve the look you want. Nobody wants that muddy look!


The foundation retails @ €28, it is a little more expensive than your drug store foundation but for me it’s worth every cent. I’m making this my new occasional wear foundation.

Blush Make Up has started to roll out into pharmacies (YAY!) but you’re currently not near a stockiest, you can purchase directly from

Have you tried Blush Make Up? What’s your thoughts?

Love, Laura X


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