Blush Make Up Mineral Liquid Powder Foundation || Find Your Shade

Blush Make Up Mineral Liquid Powder Foundation || Find Your Shade

Blush Make Up is a brand that is popping up more and more on my timeline lately and it has certainly caught my attention.

With bloggers such a Denise from and Sinead from  (Brand Ambassador) raving about their Mineral Liquid Powder Foundation it was hard not to sit up and take notice. These ladies know their stuff!!

I made it my mission to get my hands on some samples to see what all the fuss was about and my god is the fuss deserved; this foundation is like no other.

If you caught me talking about this on my Snapchat (UN: laura.cooney) you’ll know that I was left a little blown away by this foundation.

Shade: Toasted Almond

Its texture: LIGHTWEIGHT , its coverage: INCREDIBLE and its finish.. my god its finish.. SILK.. silky smooth skin!

And just take a look at how good it is for you:



Are you sold? Well you should be!!

Next step? I’d 100% recommend picking up a sample pack or popping into your local pharmacy to check out the shades if your lucky enough to be near a stockist.

The sample pack comes with 4 shades and is only €7.50. You can purchase these packs directly from

I haven’t been using the foundation long enough to give a full review (coming soon) as I want to trial it out with different bases etc but of what I’ve seen so far, this is set to be my favourite foundation.

Have you tried their Mineral Liquid Powder Foundation? Is there another product in the range that you love?

Love, Laura X


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