Aimee Connolly X AYU Make Up “The Essentials” Brush Set || Review

Can you believe at one point I didn’t use make up brushes to apply my make up? The horror!! Thankfully that was years ago, when pansticks were all the rage and none of us had eyebrows (ugh what a thought!)

These days, my beauty arsenal has make up brushes in abundance (Hooray!). I’m actually laughing at the thought of applying my make up now without make up brushes. Could you imagine?!

One brand that has firmly taken its place in my everyday routine is AYU. So when AYU creator, Suzie, offered to send me out their new range in collaboration with the gorgeous MUA Aimee Connolly I naturally jumped at the chance to try them out.

This set claims to contain all your essentials so I’ve put them to the test. See how I got on below.

The Set 

As you can see above the set contains 5 brushes that come in a luxurious leather case, which also has extra room to fit in more brushes. It will be the perfect travelling case!

Brushes included: (left to right)

The Angle – Can be used for angle liner or brows.

The Buffer – Foundation brush.

The Taperer – Eye brush which can be used for blending and packing shadow onto the eyelid.

The Setter – Multipurpose brush which can be used for powder, blusher and bronzer.

The Blender – Blending eye brush.



The Buffer

This brush is amazing. I’m a massive fan of the F20 from Blank Canvas and this is right up there. It’s short handle allows for great control and gives a flawless even look.

The Setter

So impressed with this brush when carrying out all highlight, blush and setting foundation. Its angle allows for easy positioning on the face.



The Blender

Although this brush is designed for eyeshadow I found it to be a great concealer brush. It allow for precise application of the concealer and didn’t soak in to much of the product.

The Taperer

I think this might be my favourite brush of the set, it’s so SOFT and is brilliant for both packing and blending. I had the old version of this brush and I found the hair far too harsh on the eye so I’m delighted they have changed it’s design.

 The Angle

I’ve already been using the AYU angle brush to fill in my brows and this brush delivers again. I love how sturdy and strong the hairs are and it really allows you to create the look you want.


The set retails @ €50 which is a brilliant price point for how much this little set can do. You can purchase from You can also avail of a 10% discount by entering ‘set’ at the checkout.

For this weekend (22/09/17) there are offers to celebrate the Professional Beauty Show. Enter ‘beauty30’ for 30% off brush sets and ‘beauty 20’ for individual brushes. See here.

I’m aware there’s so much information in this blog post but I just wanted to show how any products you can use with just the “essential” 5 brushes to create a look.

So if there’s any questions, whether it be about  the brushes or any of the products used, please feel free to comment below or message me on any of my social media pages. (Linked on my homepage)

Love, Laura x


Disclosure: Products were gifted by the brand however all views are my own and are in no way influenced by the partnership. I whole heartedly only put my name to products I love and adore.


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